Local manufacturing continues and the orders are still shipped.
The FLIPPP team and their families are all well over here so far. Thank you for asking as some of you currently do. Take great care of yourself and your relatives.

Let's meet during the shows:
FLIPPP! stand
Flippers-Charlemagne (Roissy en Brie) Feb 08th - Feb 09th 2020
Salon du Flipper (Essey les Nancy) Feb 29th - Mar 01st 2020
Crazy Flip (Challans) Mar 14th - Mar 15th 2020
Flippers week (Saint Julien les Villas) Mar 28th - Mar 29th 2020
Flip Expo (Le Tréport) May 02nd - May 03rd 2020
Play Expo (Manchester UK) May 09th - May 10th 2020
Retro Game Alpes (Le Fontanil) May 22nd - May 24th 2020
La baraque à flip (Carvin) May 30th - May 31st 2020
Flipper in Tarn (Lavaur) Jun 13th - Jun 14th 2020
Bourgogne Game Show (Pouilly en Auxois) Sep 26th - Sep 27th 2020
Berre Vintage (Berre l'Etang) Sep 26th - Sep 27th 2020
Atomic Rockin' Festival (St Pryvé St Mesmin) Oct 03rd - Oct 04th 2020
Cagny Flip (Cagny) Oct 10th - Oct 11th 2020
Richement Bière (Richemont) Oct 11th 2020
RPJ Games Week (Sorgues) Oct 31st - Nov 01st 2020
Crazy Flip 2 (Challans) Nov 07th - Nov 08th 2020

Order, be delivered directly at the show and save on shipping fees!

Accepted payment methods at the shows:

  • Cash
  • Credit card