Eldorado City of Gold now ready on PI-80

 Payment by credit card available at the shows

 Flippp supports the Dark Side of Pinball book

 Recoverable VAT for professional clients within the European Union

 SAD4096 replacement for Bally Centaur reverb sound board

 Multiball Haunted House with speech!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Pascal answers!

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Display issue

 ALL my displays are off. what should I do?

 one of my displays shows very bright digits

 some of my displays are not working properly: missing segments or digits

 my board (PI-80 or PI-1/X4) is working properly but the fuse which protects the +60V power supply of the displays burns regularly, even if the displays seem to work properly. I change it, it works for a while, then it burns again.

 Some of my displays read blank and some read 1's (PI-80)

Lamp issue

 Lamp(s) always off, always on or dimly lit

Power-on issue

 the pinball lights on, the power-on sequence is OK, the playfield is in attract-mode, the displays are OK, but I can't start any game. Pressing the CREDIT button doesn't do anything.

 once you turn the game on, the game goes crazy, like turning lamps randomly on the playfield, firing coils or even shooting balls in play. what’s going on?

Power-on issue,Coil issue

 the pinball lights on, the power-on sequence displays an error message, it is impossible to start a play : when I press the CREDIT button, the TILT relay clicks twice, the displays show « TEST » and the play does not start

Switch issue

 I've got switch matrix problems and some diodes need to be changed. The 1N270 diodes which were used by Gottlieb are obsolete for a long time. May I use any type of diode like 1N4148 1N4004 1N4007 ?

 the game in progress ends abruptly and a "STUCK SWITCH xx" message is displayed. what's wrong?



 Do boards come up with a guarantee? I purchased a board and installed it in a 3rd party game, does the guarantee apply?

Hand delivery at a show

 As I am not in a hurry at all, may I save on shipping costs and wait till the next pinball expo to purchase boards at your stand?

Incorrect order

 I made a mistake when I placed my order or I changed my mind since. May I return the board and get a refund, or swap it for another board?

Intellectual rights

 Before ordering I need to know about the legalities of using the Gottlieb name/intellectual rights


 I would like to pay with a bank transfer but I live outside Europe

Support messages

 I sent several support messages but still no answer after several hours. As a customer I was expecting a much faster reply!


 Can I collect VAT? (for French or European buyers)

3-Technical questions

 is there a setting to reset all drop targets of the game in one single shot, rather than in sequence?

Available games

 My game is not among the current list of available games for the PI-80, what can I do?

 Will the PI-80 final board run on all games of both System-80/80A series?

 I own a "Grand 8" from Christian Tabard (France), is the PI-80 fitted for it?

 Regarding sounds, are all sounds of non-speech-capable games driven?

Before installing a new board

 Must the game be fully operational before installing the new board?

 To make things short: I receive the new board, I install it, I turn the game on, and it will work no matter what the game's original condition?

 my machine does not have the pull-up resistors added to the under playfield mounted transistors. should I do that before I install your board?

Coin slots

 I would like to keep using the coin slots, is it possible?


 how to test transistors?



 Do boards drive the excellent replacement LED displays from Boston Pinball Company ?

 Does the giant pinball display (that works on PI-1 and PI-1/X4 boards) also work on the PI-80 board?

 Replace 6-digit displays by 7-digit displays (PI-80 board in system-80 mode)

High scores

 Rather than the sole credit button, can the player enter his name in the high scores tables using the left & right flipper buttons?


 can the original GE44/GE47 lamps be replaced by modern LED-based lamps?


 Are there documents that explain the boards' use, menus/setup, etc..?

Original Boards / Manuals / Memories

 Should I get new eproms and/or use the original proms?

 I'm looking for my game manual and/or the original sound proms for the replacement sound/speech board. Do you sell them? If not, where can they be found?

 What does the small A24 board, located above the original CPU board, do? What should I do of it if I install a PI-80 replacement board in my game?


 No reliability problems over time?

Software updates

 Is there a development kit available to develop new games or different game rules for certain games?

 Is it possible to update the software by means of an USB key or a simple serial port?

 An idea: replace the prom that contains the software by an SD card. SD cards are cheap, easy to program & swap.

 I would like to install my PI-80 board in a game (80 or 80A) but I had asked the other games series (80A or 80) upon ordering the board. what can I do? OR new games and features have been added to the PI-80 board. how to have my board updated?

Sound boards

 Do I need an additional sound board or it is embedded into the PI-80 board?

 I would like to add speech to my Haunted House while keeping it in single ball mode, how to do that?