New replacement boards for electronic pinballs

We design and manufacture a wide range of replacement boards.

We mainly make replacement CPU boards, sound boards and all-in-one boards (unique design which replaces all the boards inside the game by a single board).

Our boards are made with robust and modern electronic components without the need of any backup battery. They run 100% like the originals for the purists.

However, everybody will be satisfied because many optional features can be switched on or off by multi-lingual menus.


Local manufacturing continues and the orders are still shipped.
The FLIPPP team and their families are all well over here so far. Thank you for asking as some of you currently do. Take great care of yourself and your relatives.
We made enough stocks of components & planned production in advance for our boards, which remain 100% “Made in France”, before real sourcing problems arose.
The worldwide shortage of components has less effect on us because we use “through hole” components.
However, the price rises from our suppliers will affect our own prices.
We do our best to contain their impact.
James Bond is now available, in both timer and bonus versions.
All the boards produced by FLIPPP are designed to run on the following pinballs:
  • Gottlieb® System 1: Cleopatra, Sinbad, Joker Poker, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dragon, Charlie's Angels, Solar Ride, Count-Down, Pinball Pool, The Incredible Hulk, Totem, Genie, Hell's Queen, Buck Rogers, Roller Disco, Torch, Asteroid Annie and the Aliens

  • Gottlieb® System 80: The Amazing Spider-Man, Circus, Panthera, Counterforce, James Bond 007, Star Race, Time Line, Force II, Mars God of War, Pink Panther, Volcano, Black Hole, Eclipse, Haunted House, Devil's Dare, Caveman, Rocky, Spirit, Striker, Punk!, Goin' Nuts, Krull, Q*Bert's Quest, Super Orbit, Royal Flush Deluxe, Amazon Hunt, Rack 'Em Up!, Ready...Aim...Fire!, Jacks to Open, Alien Star, The Games, El Dorado City of Gold, Touchdown, Ice Fever

  • Kits on Gottlieb® base: Sahara Love, Jungle Queen, L' Hexagone, Movie, Sky Warrior, Tiger Woman, Mythology, Le Grand 8 (Christian Tabard)

  • Bally: Centaur

  • Stern: The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Worldwide users and positive reviews!
"What about the PI-1 X4? Well this little marvel is a single board that replaces the original System 1 CPU, power supply, driver board and the 3-tone sound generator. That's 4 boards in one, hence the X4! ..."  Read more ...
"If you are looking for something made strong, you'll love this board. ..."  Read more ...
"All are built with high quality and the CPU and all in One have so many new features that it breathes new life into the System 1 games ..."  Read more ...
"Brilliant! ..."  Read more ...
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