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The PI-FX board is a direct replacement board for the sound boards used in the last Gottlieb® System-1 games and the non speech capable sound boards in the System-80/80A games, which used the obsolete 6530 chip:

J- Totem
K- Hulk
L- Genie
N- Buck Rogers
P- Torch
R- Roller Disco
S- Asteroid Annie

652- Panthera
653- Spiderman
656- Counterforce
657- Star Race
658- James Bond
659- Time Line
661- Force II
664- Pink Panther
667- Volcano (*)
668- Black Hole (*)
671- Eclipse
670- Devil's Dare (*)
684- Amazon Hunt (+)
685- Rack'em Up
686- Ready Aim Fire
687- Jacks to Open
688- Touchdown
689- Alien Star
691- The Games
692- Eldorado City of Gold
685- Ice Fever

(*) The PI-FX sound board is only available for export games (non speech board). Click here to view the only sound board type that can be replaced.

(+) The PI-FX sound board is available for most of the versions of this game. Click here to view the only sound board type that can be replaced.

Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5
3-tone soundClassic soundClassic soundSound and speechClassic sound

This board runs on a long list of games of the 3 emblematic Gottlieb® series, System-1, System-80 et System-80A, and offers new great features:
  • All 3 original sound boards are combined in only one board
  • The system, System-1 or System-80/80A, is automatically detected
  • More compact, less components, less power consumed and fully hardware protected
  • Game and function configuration by switches
  • No sound prom needed
  • No more exotic and scarce components (like the infamous 6530 chip)
  • Advanced features: DEMO pushbutton for all games, door bell mode, etc..
  • Stand-alone, fits in the existing connector in the cabinet (System-1) or front head (System-80/80A)
  • Simple setup by means of dipswitches, operating LED
  • DEMO pushbutton plays any game's sounds in a row!
  • Variable playback speed adjustment

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