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The PI-POP80 board is a direct replacement board for the pop bumper driver boards (PBDB) used in the Gottlieb® System 80, 80A and 80B games.

The compatible games are listed below with the number of boards required for each one.

A new pop bumper driver board, modern, compact, reliable and robust:
  • Entirely redesigned and improved
  • Direct replacement, 100% compatible with the original 'PBDB' (pop bumper driver board)
  • Widest tolerance against badly adjusted +5V power supplies
  • Advanced hardware protections against playfield failures
  • Built-in test button
  • Status lamps
    • 5VDC power supply (green LED)
    • 24VDC power supply = coil fuse OK (yellow LED)
    • bumper reaction = coil actuation (red LED)
Installed in a Jacks to Open :

Some questions and answers

Q: The PI-POP80 board is much smaller in size than the original Gottlieb® board, is that normal? does that mean that it is less powerful?
A: correct, it is less than half the original board's size.
A more modern design allows to use just one logic chip (instead of 2) and a smaller transistor yet as powerful, while benefiting from more robust electronic components.
It must be screwed into the original board's mounting holes with just the 2 screws on each side of the male connector.

Q: So I simply remove the old board, I plug the new one without checking anything, and it works? did I get it right?
A: You must still check that the +5V power supply is well fed to the board, the connector is not damaged nor worn out, the coil is not shorted, the diode in parallel to the coil is good, the fusible is good and of the correct rating/blowing speed.
That's pinball basics! And you don't need to be a "pro" to do that.

Q: What's the use for the TEST button?
A: It tests the bumper coil: pressing the TEST button is like closing the pop bumper cup switch (under the playfield).
If the coil reacts while the pop bumper remains "dead" during a game in play, you must check that cup switch and the wiring (wires + connector to the PI-POP80 board).

Q: OK, it's all set, now how should the LEDs be lit?
A: The green LED must be lit (+5V power supply), the red one off (normally open cup switch) and the yellow one lit (coil power supply and fuse OK) when a game is started.
When the coil is energized (spoon switch or TEST button), the red LED must be briefly lit, and the yellow one briefly unlit.
This is a proof of a normal behaviour.
Note: the yellow LED remains off as long as the GAME OVER relay (Q) is off, since this relay shuts down the power supply of all non-CPU-controlled coils (pop bumpers, flippers, slingshots).

Q: Why releasing another pop bumper board, given the existing ones already on the market? (rottendog, homepin..)
A: We wanted to freshen our first release in 1999, and also propose it at the same time as the all-in-one board for Gottlieb® System 80 and 80A games . Plus, it embeds additional testing and diagnostic features that other boards don't have.

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