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The PI-SAD4096 board is designed for the Bally Centaur pinball. It replaces the very prone to fail SAD4096 IC located on the SAY IT AGAIN AS-2518-81 reverb board on the right side panel of the backbox, just at the right of the sound board.

No more reverb (echo) on your Centaur pinball? It's very easy: pull the SAD4096 from its socket and install this board instead!

WARNING: this board is designed to work with the Bally SAY IT AGAIN board ONLY. Any other use may seriously damage it and will void the guarantee immediately.

It's plug and play: no soldering skills required, nor risky hacking!
This replacement board even allows finer tuning than the original!
  • the VOLUME adjustment sets the strength of the reverberated sound
  • the SPEED adjustment sets the "speed" of the echo
Check that the wires across Squawk-And-Talk and Say-It-Again boards are well connected:

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