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 SAD4096 replacement for Bally Centaur reverb sound board

 Multiball Haunted House with speech!

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The PI-SAD4096 board is designed for the Bally Centaur pinball. It replaces the very prone to fail SAD4096 IC located on the SAY IT AGAIN AS-2518-81 reverb board on the right side panel of the backbox, just at the right of the sound board.

No more reverb (echo) on your Centaur pinball? It's very easy: pull the SAD4096 from its socket and install this board instead!

Musicians can also use this board to replace the SAD4096 used in their reverb box.

It's plug and play: no soldering skills required, nor risky hacking!
This replacement board even allows finer tuning than the original!
  • the VOLUME adjustment sets the strength of the reverberated sound
  • the SPEED adjustment sets the "speed" of the echo

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