Soon: Comestero RM5 electronic coin validator connection on PI-80 and on PI-1/X4

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Like its predecessor the PI-1X4, the all-in-one System-80/80A combo board, codename "PI-80 X4", combines the CPU board, the power supply and the driver board together, all redesigned from scratch & greatly improved, and featuring an extension slot for the future PI-FX/80 sound board add-on.

For now, you must keep your original sound board and its specific power supply if applicable (read below).

The software has also been entirely rewritten from scratch and embeds most of the new features of the PI-1 and PI-1 X4 System-1 boards.. and more!

As for our other System-1 boards, it fits in the game's front head, reuses the original connectors and requires no modification of the host game whatsoever. The installation is a breeze, in less than 5 minutes you are all set.

Installed in a Mars God of War game with all connectors detailed

Installed in a speech-capable (domestic version) Black Hole

Installed in an Alien Star

Furthermore, it brings:

- reliability and robustness
- new features: chance ball, multiple extra balls, special that can give points, difficulty levels, scores up to 10M (System-80) or 100M (System-80A), etc..
- lower power consumption and heat dissipation (double switching power supply stage)
- advanced hardware protections against failures (power supply, switch matrix, coils..)

and it also gets rid of the problems linked to the original wire harnesses between power supply, CPU and driver.


     A comestero RM5 electronic coin validator can be connected to the PI-80

Here's the PI-80 manual:


Most of the games are supported and all the games of the system80 and 80A series will be supported eventually.
Click on the name of your game in the GUIDE page to check that it's currently available.


The software being regularly updated (bug fixes, new games), the board comes with unlimited, free software updates. Therefore to benefit from new games and new features, you simply return me the "PI-80/MCU" MCU daughterboard alone, of the size of a playing card, in a bubble-foam envelope.


One spare fuse and transistor will be shipped upon demand, free of charge.

Other components are available as spare. To order, click here.

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