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The PI-FX/X4 board is a sound board meant to be used only with the all-in-one System1 board to produce the sounds dor the following games:
  • J- Totem
  • K- Hulk
  • L- Genie
  • N- Buck Rogers
  • P- Torch
  • R- Roller Disco
  • S- Asteroid Annie

It replaces the "advanced" sound board located on the right side of the body of these pinballs (A1J6 connector) and offers the same capabilities than the other sound boards at a much cheaper price !

Easy install in 10 seconds:
  • the board plugs onto the all-in-one board
  • the loudspeaker is connected via the supplied cable
A load of advantages:
  • no modification needed in the game
  • automatic configuration: the game selected on the all-in-one board is automatically selected on the sound board
  • the sounds of another game can still be chosen manually by the means of 3 DIP switches
  • operating LED
  • DEMO pushbutton to play all sounds in a row
  • volume setting

Note : If you are looking for a sound board and you don't have any all-in-one board, have a look at these direct replacement sound boards:

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