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The PI-1 board is a direct replacement board for the original Gottlieb® System1 CPU board.

It is professionally manufactured, built around modern and fast MPU with a limited number of recent & standard peripheral components. Thanks to its strong reliability, its many new & innovative features and its multilingal menus (6 languages available), its success has kept growing since its creation in 2001.


The PI-1 is able to bring back to life all 16 games of this great Gottlieb® System 1 pinball series plus some European derivative kits (partly based on above games). Each game plays 100% like the original Gottlieb® MPU board. No compromise was ever made and will never be. Some errors made in the original software were identified on certain games and can even be patched, via on-display menus.

Supported games are:
A- Cleopatra
B- Sinbad
C- Joker Poker
D- Dragon
E- Solar Ride
F- Countdown
G- Close Encounters
H- Charlie's Angels
I- Pinball Pool
J- Totem
K- Hulk
L- Genie
N- Buck Rogers
P- Torch
R- Roller Disco
S- Asteroid Annie

Hell's Queen
Sky Warrior
Sahara Love
Jungle Queen
Tiger Woman


The PI-1 board gives a boost of additional modern features in reliability and playability:
  • One board fits all games: forget all about specific game proms and dipswitches to set
  • The printed circuit boards (PCB) are integrally gold-plated for an even longer durability and almost zero-wear of the edge connectors
  • All integrated circuits (ICs) are socketted (mostly on machine tool sockets) hence easily replaceable without need for specific tools, making maintenance easy and at a much lower cost
  • Integral hardware protections against the most common failures, such as high voltage shorts from playfield coils & switches and, against faults from the main power supply: prevention of most common & destructive failures
  • Additional advanced software protection against hang-up and data loss by built-in watchdog
  • Energy saving board which drains less than 10% of the original board's current on +5V line: the power supply does not even heat up anymore
  • Set of monitoring lights for CPU activity and +5V
  • All game data (a.k.a. "bookkeeping") stored in a non-volatile memory, no more battery leakage & corrosion
  • Most recent versions embed an extra set of monitoring lights for all 8 coils and status of outhole and slam switches: more diagnostics to fix faulty games' playfields
  • Two additional header connectors for A1J6/A1J7 in case the original ones were too corroded to be usable still; the wires can then be rerouted onto those new headers
  • All connectors are double sided; in case the lower side solder pad is damaged it is possible to restore the contact with a double-sided edge connector
  • Entirely driven by text-style menus, no more obscure DIP Switches
  • Clearly readable on-display configuration menus & various messages available in French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian & Spanish
  • Installation manual in English with fully detailed yet simple explanations (so that anyone should be able to install the board)

Loads of new exciting features that may be enabled or disabled at will for full original game compatibility:
  • Playfield attract mode to scroll playfield lamps in game over as on modern games
  • Skill shot upon ball launch: a precise target must be scored (randomly chosen among a given list for each game) to earn a bonus that increases with each success
  • Multiple extra ball, several extra balls can be cumulated per each ball in play
  • Chance ball, gives the ball back if lost within a given time
  • Top 5 high scores table with names and scrolling display
  • Unlimited credits mode, no need for coins or to open up the coin door to add more plays
  • Expert game level (points divided by 10 after 900,000 pts)
  • 1-million points award
  • Counts & displays score over 1,000,000 points; the scores display no longer rolls back to zero after 999,990
  • 2 different tilt sensitivities
  • Animated playfield lamps, the lamps of certain targets and rollovers flash briefly when scored
  • Previous scores remembered at power-up
  • Bonus up to 39,000 on certain games
  • Provision for alternate game rules
  • The Special feature can give 50,000 points or the extra ball feature can give 10,000 points: great for tournaments!
  • A confirmation is now asked if the CREDIT button has been pressed to abort the game in play and restart a new one (kids..)
  • Idle (power saving) mode that turns off the playfield lamps without any user's action for a long time

New advanced tests
  • Testing for stuck switches specifically associated with coils
  • Drastically enhanced test modes for individual coil/lamp/digit/switch testing, including those special lamp-mapped coils (as on Buck Rogers for example)
  • Smart coils mode, drop target bank reset coils are triggered in case of need only (spares both fuses and components)

  • Compatible with all the driver boards (original Gottlieb®, Boston Pinball, Ni-Wumpf, Rottendog ...)

Flipppin' marvellous novelties

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